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Does the Magic Blender Bullet really work?

It does work. Although it does excel at certain tasks, it doesn't quite live up to all the claims that are advertised.
The magic bullet is the perfect blender if you usually cook for two and have limited time to prepare a meal. The blender bullet is versatile, fast and easy to use; however there are some pros and cons to consider before you buy it.

Note that this is not the official Magic Bullet website.


Pros of the Magic Blender Bullet:

- Small size
- Easy to clean
- Microwave safe
- Convenient mug-shape blending cups
- Two blades are included, one for chopping   /blending, and one for mixing/grinding
- Everything but the electric base can go right   into the dishwasher

Cons of the Magic Blender Bullet:

- Not useful for chopping certain items
- Too small when preparing a large dish
- It will overheat and break if you   continuously blend/chop and leave it on like   a regular blender

Below you can read more about consumer reviews and how to find the best price for your Magic Blender Bullet.

Prepare your meals faster with the Magic Blender Bullet

The magic blender bullet is a versatile food processor which can be used as a coffee grinder, a chopper, a blender, a smoothie maker, a sandwich spread maker, soup mixer and more.
It's a quick and easy way to prepare a variety of drinks and meals when time is limited. Preparation takes less than 10 seconds on average!

Smoothies & Shakes
Cool, refreshing, quick! Smoothies and shakes are great as healthy snacks, light meals, or desserts. A FUN and EASY way to get more vitamins & minerals into your diet. The magic blender bullet is the perfect smoothie machine! Mix and match your favorite fruits and juice or milk with ice and get the perfect texture in just 7 seconds.

Dips & Spreads
Guacamole, Spinach & Artichoke, Salsa, Egg salad…you name it! The blender bullet allows you to create your own dip whether in company or just for yourself.
Frozen drinks & cocktails
In the real heat of the summer you will find yourself wanting something more than the average chilled drink. There is no need to prepare a big jar and make everybody drink the same cocktail or refreshment; with the blender bullet self-blending party mugs everybody can have the drink of their choice!
Sauces & Soups
Home-made soups and sauces are making a comeback thanks to people looking for healthier lifestyles. Using this magic blender bullet to prepare soups and sauces is a convenient, inexpensive and quick way to create a meal in just seconds.

What you get with the Magic Blender Bullet Set
blender bullet set

Most sets include a high-torque power base with a stainless-steel cross blade and flat blade, a tall and a short bullet cup, four party mugs with colored lip rings, a shaker top and a steamer top, two stay-fresh re-sealable lids, plus a 100-page Magic Bullet "10 Second Recipe" book.

It is easy to assemble; simply plug the magic blender bullet and place any of the bullet cups on to the base and press.

Each blade has a specific use. The cross blade is created for chopping, grating and blending foods.


The flat blade is ideal for whipping cream and grinding coffee beans and spices.

The magic blender bullet set comes with different cups and lids. The small cup is ideal for dips and spreads and the tall cup is much more versatile. The four party mugs are ideal for smoothies, juices and cocktails. The steamer lid is great for steaming foods in the microwave using the same magic blender bullet container.

Last but not least, the recipe book is a great source of ideas to mix and match different vegetables and fruits and create your own healthy meals.

How the Magic Blender Bullet Works

Simple to operate, just load the ingredients into the short cup, the tall cup, or one of the four mugs. Twist on the cross or flat blade, place the bullet on the power base, and press down. The magic blender bullet can do virtually any job in the kitchen in a few seconds. To heat or chill, place the bullet cup or mug in the microwave, refrigerator, or freezer. All parts except for the power base clean up easily by hand or in the dishwasher. The blender measures approximately 4 by 4 by 10 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

The reason why this magic blender works so fast is in the blades. They are designed to make the food circulate back into the cutting zone at a very high speed.

Magic Blender Bullet & Weight Loss Programs

blender bullet diet

Most weight loss programs, diets and detox routines are based on the proper combination of fruits and vegetables. Whether it's a soup, a smoothie or a juice you will always need a food processor to follow almost any weight loss program or healthy eating diet.

Magic Blender Bullet is the perfect accessory for these programs because it's easy to use and clean. Some diets require you to drink smoothies every 3 to 4 hours. With the bullet party mugs you can prepare them all at once and then store them in the refrigerator or carry them with you. It is a very convenient solution! Use the blender bullet to lose weight and eat healthy.

Magic Blender Bullet Reviews

Blender bullet consumer reviews indicate that this personal blender is useful and convenient but limited.

An average review will indicate that the magic blender bullet is very useful for whipping items and smoothies but it is not great for chopping items. It is easy to store and easy to clean but the cups included in the magic blender bullet set are really small.

Some really positive customer experiences indicate that this magic blender is wonderful for a healthy lifestyle. Some people use it every day to prepare breakfast or protein shakes. But even those who recommend it also point out that it is hard to get an even chop without making a mush.

Some of the negatives pointed out by consumers refer to the inability to chop vegetables.

Overall, the bullet food processor is great mostly for drink making or liquid foods. Click here to read magic blender bullet reviews.

Magic Blender Bullet Discounts

The magic blender bullet can be found in many retail and online stores. Several online stores ship it for free and some of them don't charge you tax depending on your state. You can find it on websites like for $59.99 with free shipping or Bed Bath & Beyond for as low as $49.99 plus additional shipping unless you buy more stuff from them to get free shipping.

These low prices also include all the cups, blades, lids and the recipe book. If you prefer to buy it in a retail location, Bed Bath & Beyond gives you a 20% off one item in-store Savings Certificate when you subscribe to their free newsletter for the first time. Costco also sells the 25-pc Magic Bullet blender set for $49.99.

You can also purchase it directly from the manufacturer's website. The price is higher but they give you two systems at the price of one ($99.99 plus S&H) plus other goodies. This is great if you want to buy one for yourself and one for gifting.

There are also fake blender bullets in the market so always purchase from a website or retailer you can trust. Our Blender Bullet Discounts page has tips on how to spot a fake blender bullet.

Great Recipes for the Magic Blender Bullet

Prepare these delicious recipes with the blender bullet. Make healthy smoothies and shakes, soups, dips and much more in seconds!