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Replacement Parts Magic Bullet cross blade and power base

The blender bullet is a great addition to the kitchen but unfortunately it sometimes suffers from a broken cross blade or plastic gear in the power base. It seems that not all the magic bullet parts are built to last. If this happened to you, there are several options to get your blender bullet working again.


If you purchased the original blender bullet less than a year ago, your device should be under manufacturer's warranty and you should be able to get replacement bullet parts or a new unit. If you are one of the lucky ones, contact Homeland Housewares at 1-866-4HOMELAND (866-446-6352), their customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 8pm, from 9am to 4pm on Saturdays and from 10am to 4pm on Sundays, Eastern Time.

Just be aware that you need proof of purchase from them directly or otherwise they'll ask you to prove that your blender bullet is an original version manufactured by Homeland Housewares since there are fake devices in the market (our blender bullet discounts section helps you spot a fake version). This is what they are going to request from you:

"Please send us a copy of the following pages from your 10-Second Recipe book and User guide as follows: 10-Second Recipe book (open to back pages showing the 1-year limited Warranty) 10-Second Recipe book (front cover) 10-Second Recipe book (back cover) We also require that you send pictures of your main base. Please include the following pictures below: Magic Bullet Power Base (back showing the vent holes) Magic Bullet Power Base (back showing the label and any serial numbers) Magic Bullet Power Base (looking from the top down into the unit, showing the center gear and liner) Magic Bullet Power Base (bottom of the unit showing bottom vents and feet) "

Purchase Replacement Parts

You can purchase magic bullet parts like cross blades and a new power base directly from the manufacturer as long as you have proof of purchase from Homeland Housewares directly or if you prove that your blender bullet is the original by submitting the pictures detailed above.

Users have reported that the manufacturer sells the magic bullet power base for $19.98 (S&H included) and the magic bullet cross blade for $8.98.

If you don't have proof of purchase and you don't want to waste your time submitting the pictures or if you don't have the original blender bullet and the manufacturer doesn't want to sell you magic bullet parts like a magic bullet cross blade you may want to consider buying them on eBay. You can often find the magic bullet cross blade for less than $10 including shipping. If you need other magic bullet parts you can also find them there.

Sacrifice one magic bullet cross blade and fix it yourself

If the problem you have is with the plastic gear in the power base, you can fix it by removing the gear from one of the cross blades and use it as a replacement for the gear on the power base. Several users have tried this and has worked. This is probably the fastest and cheapest solution if you don't mind sacrificing one cross blade and testing your manual skills.

This website contains detailed instructions on how to do this